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WARNING! We dont employ people, or attachment or other services on any third part.

Rescue Team Kenya (RTK) is a voluntary charity organization not for profit, is independent and inclusive of all faiths and cultures with an agenda to restore hope and trust to the most vulnerable children by improving the lives of children by giving them tools they need to build sustainable solutions for improving their lives and families.


Rescue Team Kenya is a registered charity and accredited by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development as by the Kenyan Law Acts. The establishment of the charity is an achievement in our mission and vision of humanitarian assistance and cooperation for development and defense of human rights.


Rescue Team Kenya was founded in 2007 by Robert, born and raised in western part of Kenya. When i came to Nairobi, first time i was staying at Mukuru slum Nairobi and that is why iam determined to help and transform the lives of children staying there, dont go to school and lack the essential needs. I have a strong will to fight for the needy. I have the experience, the pain, the hopelessness and the inhuman of being there with limited or no amenities, a reason why I want to Change Lives, Impact Humanity by being their voice.


Our objectives is to conceive, implement and support program of feeding, education, sports, water and sanitation sanitary pads and protection of children rights. The charity was formed on a singular aim and objectives are undertaken and dispensed by the program needs and accountable, effective, disciplined, committed and well defined leadership with sufficient ability to quickly respond to the mounting challenges expected and to be experience while securing the future of the majority.


Message from the founder and executive Director- Rescue Team Kenya.

"I am drilled in removing the obstacles which hinders children from flying high to access knowledge, respect and dignity from the path they wish to pursue in life. We have done alot and still determined to do more. The road might be full of hurdles but our determination makes us. For change to happen, we need your support. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

We can change the world and make it abetter place. It is your hands to make adiffernce. It is not easy but with your help we can create opportunities only when the barries are broken will children across the world achieve their potential. You have arole to play in Rescue Team Kenya by understanding Rescue Team kenya, by engaging with Rescue Team Kenya. That is what we are looking for. We are waiting, dont keep us waiting for a long time.

To our friends, supporters, volunteers and sponsors thank you so much. We believe that we are stronger together; that many voices speaks louder than one.

Robert Ongera Ombeka-
Founder and Executive Director.

Services 1Bursaries

Through our programs we are able to help the poor kids so that they can join school like the other children.


Services 2Sports equipment

The slum kids could not hide their joy after donation exercise .


Services 3Sanitary towels

In the slums, a lot of girls do not use sanitary towels; instead they use well cut old blankets or even rags.